Bologna on Honeymoon: A Romantic Escape Off the Beaten Path

Bologna honeymoon

Hey lovebirds and adventure seekers!

So, you're looking for that perfect honeymoon destination that's a bit different, a tad off the radar, but still bursting with romance and charm?

Well I've got just the place for you: Bologna.

When to honeymoon in Bologna

The peak season of Bologna travel is between May and September.

The weather is usually wonderful, but I'd avoid July and August due to the high summer temperatures.

Couples who are willing to explore the city alongside fewer people can also plan between the months of November and March.

Things to know before you honeymoon in Bologna

  • Weather: It’s definitely rare to find extreme cold in Bologna during wintertime. You can get some rain, but it won't ruin your honeymoon as we have covered porticoes and many interesting churches, museums and indoor activities. Avoid the summer months if you can.
  • Budget: You don't need to be a billionaire to enjoy a luxury Bologna honeymoon. The best hotels in Bologna are for every budget, just stay away from the train station and the University area to relax at night. Investing in food is always a wiser choice.

  • Public transportation: You won't need it unless you want to go outside of town or on a day trip. Bologna is small and you can easily walk everywhere. The bus service is not super efficient but covers all of the city.
Bologna honeymoon piazza

What to Pack for a Bologna Honeymoon

Besides the obvious, consider those:

  • Comfortable shoes: Sure you want to relax, but there's a lot to see in Bologna and you don't want to check for a pharmacy on your first day to buy those foot care band-aid, don't you?
  • Umbrella: a small one. You won't need it, I'm sure. But you'll never know.
  • Sunglasses: always.
  • A plug adapter: Not only are the voltages and frequencies in the USA/UK and Italy different, but the wall sockets themselves are different shapes. Getting one before you leave will make you win the best bride/husband award this year.
  • A swimming suit: you don't expect this on the list. Well if you have time, there are great thermal baths around Bologna, some of them also open at night.

Things to Do During a Bologna Honeymoon

Enjoy the Incredible Food Scene

The wedding is gone. The dress is in the wardrobe. You're ready to eat.

You can read around the web that Bologna is Italy's food capital. I'm not a fan of noble titles but for sure you'll find many places to fall in love with.

I can start by sharing my list of the most romantic restaurants in Bologna, then keep going with a Bologna Food Tour and end the day with a calice of pignoletto in a Bologna wine bar.

I will make a neverend promise too: you won't go away hungry from Bologna.

Walk Under the Porticoes, Hand in Hand

Now I've made you hungry, right? Wait, close that fridge.
Bologna isn't just about eating (although let's be real, that's a big part of it).

There's one thing you can only do here: you can walk its porticoes, covered walkways that line the city's streets.

Take a leisurely stroll hand in hand along these architectural wonders, admiring the intricate details and charming views.

For an extra dose of romance, walk up the longest of them: San Luca's portico.
At night.
With summer breeze.
Kissing watching Bologna's lights.

You owe me one, mate.

Bologna honeymoon kiss

Admire the Most Beautiful Cinema in the World

It's August, hot as hell during the day.
Sunset comes and with it a warm wind in Piazza Maggiore.

Then the lights turn off and the most beautiful cinema in the world begins.

This happens every summer from June to mid-August when Piazza Maggiore becomes an open-air cinema. Every night a movie, for free, carefully chosen by Cineteca di Bologna. In original language with English subtitles.

And what if your honeymoon is in October?

No trouble. You can go to Cinema Modernissimo, a liberty-style gem recently brought back to life after a 10-year renovation.

Escape on a Day Trip

If you're planning to stay a full week of honeymoon in Bologna, why not consider a day trip?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Dozza: a picturesque village on the hills of Bologna. Walls decorated with art, a Middle Age Castle with a wine shop in the basement, great restaurants with a view of the fields. Read my full guide of Dozza and spend the most romantic evening of your trip.
    Bad news: you need a car to go.
  • Modena: the perfect foodie day trip from Bologna. Only 35 minutes by train. A stunning food market. Parmigiano, tigelle, Balsamic. Do you want more? Got it. Join our Modena food tour to save time and avoid trial and error. If you want it private, just write to me.
  • Reggio Emilia: UN-DER-RAT-ED. Is that the right spell? Anyway, this cosy city on the Via Emilia is still a black hole for tourists between Modena and Parma. Such a huge mistake. Don't make it, Reggio Emilia is a beautiful city to spend a day trip.
  • Ravenna: I can copy/paste from Reggio Emilia, with a difference. Have you seen how beautiful its mosaics are? If not, go rush to my Ravenna tour page, watch the video and imagine kissing your partner with a sky of mosaics over your head.

[Photo credits: Garlesteanu Cosmin, Sebastiano Cilantro, Matteo Lanni]

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