8 Romantic Restaurants to Fall in Love in Bologna

Romantic restaurants in bologna - Casa Monica
In Bologna you can fall in love with many things: red porticoes, tasty tortellini, magical medieval atmosphere.

Sometimes you just fall in love: if it happens, take a deep breath and make sure you chose the right restaurant for the most romantic dinner under the towers.

I Carracci

Romantic bologna carracci 1 orig

Named after the most important baroque painters of Bologna, this elegant restaurant inside the Grand Majestic Hotel is a place for special occasions.

Frescoed ceilings, long shiny tablecloths and a nouvelle-cuisine touch can be the ingredients of one of the most romantic dinners of your life. But don’t panic, you will find traditional dishes such as tagliatelle or passatelli, as well.
​After all, true love should make you feel at home.


Ristorante I Carracci
Via Manzoni, 2, 40121 Bologna
Tel: +39 051 225445
Price for 2: from 160 €

I Portici

Romantic restaurants in bologna - I portici

The only Michelin-starred restaurant in Bologna center is set in the only café chantant remaining in town. At the rise of the 19th century, people went there to listen to piano music and drink Champagne from a crystal cup.

Now the young chef Emanuele Petrosino welcomes you with his rich and complex cuisine.

His spaghetti with 5 tomatoes is better than a pearl necklace.


Ristorante I Portici
Via dell’Indipendenza, 69, 40121 Bologna
Tel: +39 051 4218562
Price for 2: 250 €

Casa Mazzucchelli

Casa Mazzucchelli Bologna

Another (former) Michelin star, this time on the romantic hills of Bologna.
This restaurant looks meant to be the setting of important happenings. Low lights, a wall of green leaves between you two and the rest of the world, and a surprising 9 courses menu focused on Pizza and bread.

Ordering aphrodisiac pizza with crustaceans could reveal your plans for the after-dinner, but you won’t regret it.


Casa Mazzucchelli
Via Porrettana 291, 40037 Sasso Marconi, Bologna
Tel: +39 051 846216
Price for 2: 160 €

Casa Monica

Romantic bologna casa monica orig

"Painting is easy and funny like cooking" said Monica's father, a famous painter.
And you can tell it by the quality of food and location of this small restaurant in Via San Rocco.
Every detail is perfectly studied, from the colors on the walls to the colors in your dish.

​Casa Monica serves one of the best fish-based menus in Bologna, surely the most loved. Just untie the red ribbon around your napkin and relax.


Casa Monica
Via S. Rocco, 16, 40122 Bologna BO
Tel. 051 522522
Price for 2: 80€


Romantic restaurants in bologna - Scaccomatto agli Orti

You already know how much I love Scaccomatto, and Mario Ferrara's cuisine conquered even the heart of Rick Stein in Bologna.
This is one of the most intimate and romantic places you can dine in. Everywhere.

But it's not just about the location (a 7th-century vegetable garden), it's also the food that is mesmerizing.

Trust me, Scaccomatto would be the perfect place to propose or to celebrate your Bologna honeymoon.


Scaccomatto agli Orti
Via della Braina, 7, 40124 Bologna
Tel: +39 051 263404
Price for two: 100 €
Open only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights, during summer.

Osteria Bottega

Romantic bologna osteria bottega orig

Legend says that the first tortellino was shaped on the vision of Venus, the goddess of love.
That should be why, when you have a bowl of tortellini together, it’s impossible not to fall in love. Don’t go too far though, you could have trouble recognizing who you love the most between the food and the person in front of you.

Osteria Bottega
is a small and old-fashioned restaurant known to serve one of the best tortellini in Bologna. In summer you can sit and eat under the silent and charming portico of Via Santa Caterina.


Osteria Bottega
Via Santa Caterina, 51, 40123 Bologna
Tel: +39 051 585111
Price for two: 100 €

Sette Tavoli

Romantic bologna sette tavoli orig

Out of the loud city centre, under the winding porticoed of Via Cartolerie that comes out directly from the middle ages, you find Sette Tavoli.
​As the name says, there are only 7 tables, for a very intimate location.

Sometimes, raising your head out of your spaghetti with shrimps, you could feel like you’re in a cosy and friendly home, with a great wine cellar.


Sette Tavoli
Via Cartoleria, 15/2, 40124 Bologna
Tel: +39 051 272900
Price for two: 70 €

Battirame 11

Battirame11 Bologna

A happy new entry.
Let me first say that you need a car or a taxi to get to this place.

The setting is unusual. Industrial area, next to shed, warehouses and resting trucks. But enter the gate and heaven appears.

A garden with low lights, gentle waiters, and stunning entry cocktails made with herbs.
Then a fixed menu (55€) that changes weekly, created by the Mastermind Max Poggi. His name doesn't tell you much?
You will remember it for a long time at the end of the dinner.

4 courses built around fresh seasonal vegetables raised in the garden.

The starting caramelized onion won't ruin your plans and the Porto wine gelato runs for the competition of the best gelato in Bologna.
Everything in between is just perfect.


Battirame 11
Via del Battirame 11, Bologna
Tel. +39 348 6566806
Price for two: 110€ with wine included

Do you want to be even more romantic?

Walk hand in hand around the markets, with the red sky on the red roofs of Bologna. Can you think of something more romantic?

Join our Bologna Tour at Sunset and end it with a sweet gelato kiss.

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