Bologna's Gelato Gems: 5 Places to Taste the Best (Update 2024)

Bologna gelato

Bologna is one of the best cities in Italy for gelato, we even have a gelato Museum and we finish with it all our food tours in Bologna.

The number of quality places is impressive: here is my shortlist of the ones you shouldn't miss.

Galliera 49

Gelato Bologna - Galliera 49

There are many reasons to visit the gourmet street Via Galliera.
Galliera 49 is the best one.

Seasonal and organic fruit flavours (you won't find melon in December) and great classics such as rum chocolate or Mediterranean cream.

​But if you're looking for their best, ask for granita.

Favorite flavors
Melon and figs granita

Via Galliera, 49/b Bologna
Tel. + 39 051 246736

Cremeria Scirocco

Gelato Bologna Cremeria Scirocco

Far from Bologna city center, you need to catch the bus to get there but well deserves the efforts.

Born in 2004 by the mind of a software architect who discovered the perfect alchemy of gelato, has now one best references in Bologna (ask Gambero Rosso about it).

Stay on the classics (cream, chocolate sorbet) or try unexpected flavours (gorgonzola cheese and almonds may sound weird but believe me, it's just delicious).

Or go with Sciroccata: granita, ice cream and cream: pure pleasure.

Favorite flavors
Gorgonzola cheese and almonds

Via Agostino Barelli, 1 Bologna
Tel. + 39 051 6010051

Cremeria Santo Stefano

Gelato Bologna - Cremeria Santo Stefano

Imagine a small French patisserie where you can have the best gelato in Bologna and maybe in Italy.

This place is really tiny and charming: if you're lucky you could seat and taste the Crema 7 Chiese custard or Cioccolato del Baraccano chocolate or try the homemade ghiaccioli (ice sticks).

Since June 2016 they have had a lab next door where they produce brioche, focaccia and panettone.

Get focaccia with gelato but don't tell your doctor about it.

Favorite flavors
Crema libanese, caffè bianco, Spagnola

Via Santo Stefano, 70 Bologna
Tel. + 39 051 227045


Sablè Gelato Bologna

At Sablé, expect the unexpected.

Owned by Alessandro Cesari, Sablé offers a daily tasting experience crafted from seasonal ingredients.

Cesari's background is as rich as his flavors—raised in a family of bakers, he turned to gelato after developing an allergy to flour.

You won't find your typical flavors here.
Imagine unique pairings like Bolognese cream with Japanese azuki beans, all made fresh each morning. He sources ingredients personally from local farms and even his own garden, ensuring each scoop tells a story.

Cesari's commitment to quality means no preservatives, thickeners, or artificial emulsifiers. With a daily limit of just 5 kg per flavor, once it's gone, it's gone.

The shop is open from March through November, offering a dozen ever-changing flavors.

Favorite flavors
Haiti chocolate, sake kasu milk

Via dei Mille, 3a, 40121 Bologna BO

Maritozzi e Gelato - Barbara e Renato

Gelato Bologna Cremeria San Francesco

Barbara is not only an organic and vegan supporter but she's also a master at gelato.

She buys ingredients from local farmers and she produces almond milk by herself.

The result is a variety of delicious and fresh flavours, that you can taste while admiring the stunning Piazza San Francesco.

"Fiori del Sud" pistachio is stunning, but don't forget to try her granite. Almond and peach would be my choice in summer.

Favorite flavor
Not a flavor, but get the maritozzo. A soft homemade brioche to fill with 2 balls of gelato.

Piazza San Francesco, 1/b Bologna
Tel. +39 051 233230

Sure you know everything about gelato?

Great, so now you know where to eat the best gelato in Bologna.

But why Bologna is SO famous for gelato?
How do you choose a good gelateria just by walking past it?
What do you need to know to get a well-made gelato?

Learn this and more stories and details about Bologna food tradition in our Bologna food tour.

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    There are at least three missing from your list: La Funivia(piazza Cavour), Sorbetteria Castiglione(via Castiglione), both inside "the walls" so very close to the city centre. And last, but absolutely not least, Dolce Agnese(Via Emilia Levante, 55) a small but cute place with the lovely Agnese, a lady from Romagna, serving a delicious gelato.

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    Andrea - Taste Bologna