Airbnb Gems in Bologna: 12 Quirky and Original Places to Stay

Airbnb bologna
Wake up in the morning with daylight hitting San Petronio Basilica.
Make breakfast with eggs and strawberry picked from a vegetable garden of a Villa. Come back at night to enjoy the paintings of an Iranian artist.
These are a few things you can do by choosing one of my 10 best Airbnb in Bologna.

Cozy and Cheap

1. Grandma Tina loved to read romantic novels on that terrace. To her is dedicated this attic in an 800' palace that her daughter Silvia put back to life.
From the terrace you can see Bologna's skyline: the two towers, San Petronio and San Pietro's Cathedral bell tower
Price: 50€
Type: full apartment

2. Probably Martina will never lose her Sardinian accent, but her heart is in Bologna. She renovated a small and cozy apartment close to Certosa cemetery, an underrated landmark of Bologna.
Far from the crowded city centre, choose this to sleep in an authentic area of Bologna.
Price: 50€
​Type: full apartment

3. A nest, from which you can fly to discover Bologna. And come back to rest in harmony with the landscape.
​That's how Annalisa describes its panoramic apartment in Cirenaica neighborhood.
​An area for families and workers just outside the city walls, perfect to start your visit as a local.
Price: 40€
​Type: full apartment

4. The best way to enjoy one of our foods tours in Bologna without regrets, is to walk the steps of San Luca portico.
​Antonio's apartment in the quiet of Saragozza neighbourhood is the perfect place to start your walk.
Price: 50€
​Type: full apartment

5. If there's a hidden area still to discover in Bologna city centre, this is the Jewish ghetto. A labyrinth of tiny streets to rest between the noise of University and the crowd of the markets. Open the doors of Maurizio's studio apartment, the perfect place for solo travelers in Bologna and not only.

Price: 63€
Type: full apartment

Stylish and trendy

6. A small studio-apartment near the train station furnished with vintage and recycled materials, like the beautiful bookcase made of wooden beams.
Price: 42€
Type: full apartment

7. An elegant old man with a fancy hat. Claudia's apartment in Casa Machiavelli, an ancient house from the 16th century, looks like that.
A unique apartment, where new custom-made furnishings perfectly integrate with the vintage of the building.
Price: 81€
Type: full apartment

8. Bolognina is an authentic and multicultural industrial neighbourhood outside the city walls. It is worth a visit not only for a nice food market and my favorite Trattoria di Via Serra, but for being the most creative and artistic area of Bologna.
You can feel this atmosphere at Barbara's: art events, photo shootings, and readings in a nice apartment with an industrial design touch.
Price: 87€
Type: full apartment

9. A fascinating loft with vintage furniture in a perfect location.
Ask for more?
You're a few steps from Giardini Margherita, a huge park and one of the best places for aperitivo in Bologna.

Price: 80€
​Type: full apartment

Charme and Luxury

10. Corte Paradiso arises from the idea of hosting large groups of friends or globetrotting families always on the move.
It's a small courtyard on two floors, with a nice outdoor area where you can have cappuccino for breakfast or dine with candlelight and red wine.
Price: 170€
​Type: full apartment

11. Sara and Luca's loft is made with love.
​Love for restoration, of a former mechanical workshop that they bought in 2013 after years of research.
Love for design, with the selection of rough materials and the wise use of natural light.
​Love for good food, that you can prepare in the kitchen: a 4 meters black block and a huge wooden vintage tailor table.
Price: 275€
Type: full apartment

12. You can't just walk by without noticing it.
Villa Benni was raised in 1924 by Alfredo Benni, an agronomist with lands in Bologna's countryside.
​The present owners open its gate to travelers and treat them like nobles: breakfast with homemade bread and cakes, rooms with fireplace and frescos and a huge park with a vegetable garden to pick tomatoes and onions.
Price: 205€
Type: private room

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