Cinema Modernissimo: The New Liberty Gem of Bologna

Cinema Modernissimo Bologna

Bologna's cultural scene just hit the jackpot with the triumphant return of Cinema Modernissimo.

After two decades hidden away, this historic gem nestled within Palazzo Ronzani has risen from obscurity.

The Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna pulled out all the stops to bring back this iconic cinema hall, and the city couldn't be more thrilled.

Cinema Modernissimo Bologna 3

A Reawakening of Early 1900s Splendor

Once hailed as an artistic marvel, the Modernissimo made its grand debut in 1915, drawing unanimous praise for its exquisite artistry and originality.

Designed by Gualtiero Pontoni, this liberty-style cinema became the heartbeat of Bologna's cultural life, hosting various events and screenings for over 90 years.

Its revival brings forth not just the cinema but also the reemergence of the once-hidden underpass on via Rizzoli, now transformed into an exhibition space.

No architects took the reins for this revival; instead, it was the creative genius of set designer Giancarlo Basili.

Basili, inspired by old photographs, honored the cinema's original elements while crafting a space that celebrates the magic of early cinema.

This revival is a homage to the golden age of Italian and Bologna theaters.

Cinema Modernissimo Bologna 1

Tortellini and Cinema

The cinema also has a cafeteria open all day - the Caffè Pathé - and a courageous peculiarity: the extended opening, from matinees, until late at night.

Do you want to take advantage of a lunch break to eat and see a film?

Indulge in tortellini or tortelloni, while immersing yourself in a documentary or a 60-minute film on the big screen.

Forno Brisa, one of the best bakeries in Bologna, has even created a limited version of its panettone inspired by the cinema.

Cinema Modernissimo Bologna 2

So, who's up for a trip to the Modernissimo?

It's not just a cinema; it's a journey through time, a celebration of cinematic marvels in a setting that's steeped in history and beauty.
Get ready to be wowed!


Cinema Modernissimo
Piazza Re Enzo, 40125 Bologna
Tel. +39 051 219 4150

Photos by Giorgio Bianchi

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