Thermal baths in Bologna and Emilia Romagna: the best places to relax

Thermal bath emilia romagna salsomaggiore

Let's say it first: Emilia Romagna isn't Tuscany or Iceland.
Don't expect to find a blue lagoon, Byzantine hammams or wild hot springs between the hills.

But if you're looking for an intimate place to relax and escape from daily stressful routine, thermal baths are always a great option.

Thermal baths near Bologna

Don't let its name fool you.
Bagni di Mario isn't an old Roman hot spring.
It's an ancient cistern used to collect rain, purify it and send it to Neptune fountain in Piazza Maggiore through underground canals.
Bagno di Mario is worth a visit, but you can leave your bath-suit at home.

The only SPA in Bologna city center is Terme San Petronio.
Thermal water reaches the bath through an underground pipeline, which uses the route of the ancient Renaissance canals for silk processing.

A hot bath with a sauna could be a great activity to do in Bologna when it rains.

Thermal bath emilia romagna villaggio salute Bologna

Villaggio della Salute Più near Bologna

If you have a car, the countryside offers a wider range of options.

Villaggio della Salute Più is an aquapark on the hills near Castel San Pietro, perfect for all seasons.
In winter you can enjoy the SPA with sauna and have a healthy lunch at their agriturismo; in summer the huge park offers lots of small pools and water games for a full day of relax.

Thermal bath emilia romagna porretta Bologna

Porretta Terme

Terme di Porretta is one of the oldest destinations in Emilia Romagna for SPA lovers.
Roman knew it, but the rich sulfurous springs were abandoned in medieval times and then rediscovered in the XIIth century.

An ox is its symbol: legend tells that it was sick and unable to hold the plow, then his master unleashed it free. The wandering ox quenched its thirst at the thermal spring - which was then called Puzzola - and regained its vigor. Since then the cured ox is the emblem of Terme di Porretta.

After a morning of relaxing you should visit the beautiful Rocchetta Mattei castle, just nearby.


Terme San Petronio
Via Irnerio, 12/A, 40126 Bologna BO
Tel. +39 051 246534

Villaggio della Salute Più
Via Sillaro, 27, 40050 Monterenzio
Tel. +39 051 929791

Terme di Porretta
Via Roma, 5, 40046 Porretta Terme BO
Tel. +39 0534 22062

Thermal baths near Parma

What's better than a hot bath to relax after our Parma food tour ;)?

Salsomaggiore thermal baths are specially designed for women: for their well-being, for health, and for psycho-physical rebalancing.

Known since Roman times (their name comes from Latin salus that means salt), Terme di Salsomaggiore were discovered again only in the 1950s.
Their rust color waters have a high therapeutic value thanks to the presence of iodine, bromine and ferrous salts.

Thermal bath emilia romagna salsomaggiore luca tosini orig

Thermal baths in Salsomaggiore, Parma

On the top of a hill, among oak and chestnut woods, stands Sant'Andrea Bagni SPA.
8 different springs capture mineral water from the rocks in-depth and bring it to the thermal bath through an underground journey.

Since you're in Parma, you can stop to eat great food and visit some of the best museums of Emilia Romagna around its countryside.


Terme di Salsomaggiore
Via Roma 9 - 43039 Salsomaggiore PR
Tel. +39 0524 582 611

Terme di Medesano
Strada Cavicchiolo, 3, 43048 Medesano PR
Tel. +39 0525 431233

Thermal baths near Ravenna

Thermal bath emilia romagna riolo terme

Riolo Terme baths near Ravenna

Need to recover from the stress of daily life?
The springs of Riolo Terme are the ideal place to restore mind and body with sports, walks, and baths.

Built in 1870, they still keep the same pristine beauty and peace of the early days.

The main reason to visit Riolo Terme is its spring mud.
Unlike artificial mud, it comes from the bowels of the earth, already mixed with the salted thermal water of the subsoil.
Collected in tanks, then matured and rest, the mud is used for different treatments, like for skin or muscular diseases.


Terme di Riolo
Via Firenze 15 - 48025 Riolo Terme RA
Tel. +39 0546 71045

Thermal baths near Forlì - Cesena

Themal bath emilia romagna bagno romagna

Thermal baths in Bagno di Romagna

Between the Adriatico sea and Appenino mountains, the area of Forlì and Cesena is the ideal place to relax in nature.

Bagno di Romagna hosts 3 hotels to immerse yourself in wellness.
Grand Hotel Terme Roseo is an old palace in the heart of the town; Hotel delle Terme di Santa Agnese in a huge and wonderful park; Ròseo Hotel Euroterme for classics or Oriental style treatments.
11 springs supply the pools of Terme della Fratta, a few km from Forlì and Cesena.

The thermal properties of the area have been popular since ancient Rome, thanks to the variety and complexity of its waters, its rich muds property and the extension of the park.
A fascinating place that combines hill and sea, located at a close distance from the Adriatic coast.

Thermal bath emilia romagna terme fratta

Terme della Fratta

Even Castrocaro and Terre del Sole SPA has ancient roots, which date back to the Etruscan age.
Besides the properties of the water, the structure is also intriguing for its Art-Deco and rationalist architecture.


Hotel delle Terme di Santa Agnese
Via Fiorentina 19, 47021, Bagno di Romagna FC
Tel. +39 0543 911018

Ròseo Hotel Euroterme
Via Lungosavio 2, 47021- Bagno di Romagna FC
Tel. +39 0543 911414

Terme della Fratta
Via Loreta, 238 - 47032 Fratta Terme di Bertinoro FC
Tel. +39 0543 460911

Terme di Castrocaro e Terra del Sole
Viale Marconi 14/16, 47011 Terra del Sole FC
Tel. +39 0543 412711

[photo credits: Luca Tosini, FAI]

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