8 Parks and Gardens to Enjoy Your Sunny Days in Bologna

Bologna parks

Bologna doesn't look very green at first sight.

But like our best food, parks and gardens are not exhibited.
They're hidden behind old gates or they look at Bologna's skyline from the hills outside the city walls.

Don't be lazy, wear you jogging shoes and go look for them.

Giardini Margherita

Bologna parks giardini margherita

Opened in 1879, Giardini Margherita garden take its name from the same queen of the famous pizza.

During its glorious days, you could have found there a lake with renting boats, a cafe chantant, a funicular railway and a zoo for lions.
Now most of these things are gone, but Giardini Margherita still is Bologna's largest and most important park.

Why visit it
For a picnic amongst students and locals during spring weekends or for an aperitivo at Le Serre (former greenhouses).

Viale Giovanni Gozzadini, 40136 Bologna

Orto Botanico - Botanical Garden

Bologna park botanical garden

The University area hides one of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe.
2 hectares, +5000 plants including a selection of carnivore, 2 greenhouses with tropical and succulent.

Why visit it
For a breath of fresh air inside the city walls or if you're looking for original things to do in Bologna with your kids.

Via Irnerio 42, 40126 Bologna

Villa Ghigi

Bologna park villa ghigi

Tired of porticoes, towers and taverns?
Impossible, but in case you can escape to the wild nature without renting a car.

Villa Ghigi is a huge park on the hills behind Porta San Mamolo.
Fondazione Villa Ghigi organizes educational activities for school, birdwatching and interesting trekking.

Why visit it
To have a wide view of Bologna and digest all the food you had around the markets.

Via San Mamolo, 40136 Bologna

Parco Talon and Chiusa di Casalecchio

Bologna park parco talon chiusa

The best way to reach Parco Talon is through one of Bologna bike rides, on the feet of San Luca Basilica.
You can visit the old Chiusa: a Middle Age sluice to deviate and adjust Reno river and provide water to Bologna.

Why visit it
Because you can take the bike path that starts from Certosa Cemetery and follows an open canal till Casalecchio. Then you'll deserve a lunch stop at Sfoglia Rina.

Via dei Mille 9, 40033 Casalecchio di Reno BO


Bologna park cavaticcio orig

Hey, do you know that Bologna had a harbor?
We're far from the sea, but until 1889 small boats used the harbor to move goods and trade with the markets of the center.

This park arises from its rests and unveils the canal still flowing underground.

Why visit it
Because in June, during Biografilm festival, Cavaticcio becomes a place for street food of Bologna, with live concerts and a vibrant atmosphere.

Via Azzo Gardino, 40122 Bologna

Villa Spada

Bologna parks villa spada
Take a deviation from Via Saragozza to enter the gate of Villa Spada Park.
Not enough?
Ok, climb the 300 steps and arrive at 300 scalini, a nice place to relax with a glass of wine and get the best view of San Luca Basilica.

Why visit it
Because in the park you can also visit one of the strangest museums in Italy about upholstery and one of the libraries of Bologna.

Via di Casaglia, 3, 40135 Bologna

Villa Angeletti

Villa Angeletti Park Bologna

A huge park behind the train station, following the old Navile canal.
Nothing's left of Villa Angeletti, who gives the name to the park: it was destroyed during WW2.

Why visit it
It's a nice park where you can run or ride a bike, there's a nice kid area for playing and a kiosk at the entrance for gelato. What to ask for more?

Via de' Carracci, 65, 40129 Bologna

Parco San Pellegrino

Parco san pellegrino Bologna

Wear comfy shoes to arrive in this huge park behind San Luca Basilica.
Hills, rows of vines, woods, to relax and admire the red city from the top.

Why visit it
If you're looking for one of the best panoramic view of Bologna, this is your place.

Via di Casaglia, 36, 40135 Bologna

[Photo credits: Tiago Caramuro, Marco, Andrea Forni, Ube, Michele Mazzoli, Monica Galeotti]

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