Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita: Bologna's Hidden Garden Oasis

Serre dei Giardini Margherita Bologna
There's a new place in Bologna.
It's called Kilowatt but for locals it's just Le serre.
It was born from the old greenhouses of Bologna's most famous gardens: Giardini Margherita.

You can go there to get one of the best aperitivo in Bologna, to enjoy a Dj set or to read and study during the day.
It's so far one of the most fascinating places I've ever been to. Not only in Bologna.
Old greenhouses are back to life for photo exhibitions, conferences or just a drink

What is Le Serre?

In a popular Italian song, Fabrizio De Andrè, says that:
Nothing grows from diamonds, from manure grows flowers

There was an abandoned public place – the former municipal greenhouses – in the green heart of Giardini Margherita, one of Bologna's most beautiful parks.

In the 80s it even hosted two lions in a small zoo, but until 2014 it was resting in oblivion.

Then like the unexpected bud you see rising from a forgotten vase, Le Serre bloomed.
Year after year, step by step Kilowatt association put it back to life. Now you can find inside a co-working space, a vegetable garden, a restaurant, an experimental educational service and a lot more.

Why go there

Everything seems in its right place at Le Serre.
Do you like live music in a relaxed location?
Would you like to declare to your girlfriend between the flavour of sage and rosemary?
Or even if you just need some fresh air after a hot summer day around Bologna, the reasons to go to Le Serre are a lot.

It’s a great place for kids too, With lots of labs, summer and winter camps focused on creativity and outdoor education.
Until the 80s Le Serre hosted a small zoo with 2 lions

Why don't go

Logistics, basically. If you’re going by car on a busy night, expect to take some time to find a park.
Sometimes you can find long queues to get a drink and no tables available.
Price of popularity.

Le Serre is not a place for a fast drink or people in a hurry.
But if you don’t have a lion running after you, just go.
Aperitivo at Le Serre is simple. A few finger food, also for veggies and vegans.


Via Castiglione, 134, 40136 Bologna BO
Enter inside Giardini Margherita from via Castiglione 136. Pass over the bar and keep you right.

+39 370 333 6439
Opening time
Every day from 8 am to 12 am.


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  • Ida

    Grazie per questo sito è molto bello ; ho vissuto per quasi tre anni a Bologna e mi manca tanto ; sai benissimo trasmettere fra testo e immagini le emozioni tipiche che fa provare questa città!

  • Andrea

    Grazie di cuore per le splendide parole Ida: il tempo purtroppo è sempre troppo poco, però mi dai un motivo in più per continuare a scrivere della nostra amata Bologna

  • kira


    thank You very much for the article! we'll travel to bologna this week,and we're wondering if the place will be open? it looks really nice.

    greetings, kira

  • Andrea – Taste Bologna

    Hi Kira,

    Unfortunately not, it will open again in May, July

    Have a nice holiday in Bologna!