Somebody feed Phil in Modena, guess who?

It happened again. This time in Modena. This time on Netflix. This time with Phil Rosenthal.
After BBC episode with Rick Stein in Bologna, I ended up working for Netflix show Somebody feed Phil.

The episode in Northern Italy was shot in September 2017, and me and Caterina Schenetti, my food guide in Modena, were that somebody. Join us behind the scenes?
The first shots at Mercato Albinelli food market. Phil tastes different aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Caterina, would you like to feed Phil?

I met Phil Rosenthal's happy blue eyes at the entrance of Mercato Albinelli food market.

​Caterina, born and raised in Modena (I think she has Balsamic vinegar instead of blood) took him by hand for a TV version of our Modena food tour.
Cheese and chicken, pasta and wine, smiles and gags. Phil seemed like a kid at Disneyworld. ​But here Micky Mouse has the face of Andrea, the master of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and Daisy Duck is Marisa, an old pasta maker that prepares everyday handmade tortellini.
Sit at a local bar, waiting to sip gnocco fritto into cappuccino

Phil meets gnocco fritto

A local bar, the one with students reviewing their homework before a test. Or business men in a suit having a sandwich in a hurry during lunch break. A bar with uncomfortable metal chairs and the coffee machine always grumbling.

That's were I sat with Phil and Caterina, in front of the camera, to taste one of the most delicious breakfast in Italy.

Gnocco fritto is a fried soft bread typical of Modena. You can have it for lunch and dinner with ham and cheeses.
But also for breakfast, sipped inside a hot cappuccino.
​It may sound weird, but it's not the strangest thing you taste during our food tours.

Phil looked surprised but didn't miss a bite of this unusual breakfast (we actually had it at 5 pm).
I don't know if this part or any of the previous will end up in the final episode, that will cover other cities in Northern Italy like Venice, Mantua and Ferrara.

But 2 things I know for sure.

​First that Phil Rosenthal isn't only a great comedian, but also a fantastic person able to immediately bound with people, just with a smile.
And then I'm 100% sure he asked for a green salad for dinner, after such a intense food marathon.

How to watch Somebody feed Phil episode in Modena, Italy

Somebody feed Phil - Season 2 will be aired on July 6th, 2018 on Netflix.
​See you there!

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