Osteria Bottega: A Culinary Journey Through Bologna's Countryside

Osteria Bottega salame

Andrea, I only have 1 dinner to spend in Bologna, where should I go?
You don't know how many times I've heard this question.
Well, the answer is easy, just keep reading.

Osteria Bottega Bologna Pigeon

Braised pigeon, one of the most famous dishes of Osteria Bottega

Daniele Minarelli, the last Oste in Bologna

The story of Osteria Bottega is the story of his mastermind, Daniele Minarelli.

Small and sharp eyes, Minarelli was the owner of Dandy restaurant in Minerbio, the first Michelin star in Bologna. Traditional cuisine, but also raw shellfish, ahead of food trends.

His father Rino was a bricklayer and taught him respect for the pig and the technique to treat it.

I'm not creative because you can't create without remembering

And he remembers well the roots of Bolognese cuisine.

I first met him during the shots for Rick Stein Long Weekend in Bologna. His Osteria Bottega didn't end up in the final cut, but you still need to reserve weeks in advance to find a seat.

Osteria Bottega artichokes

Artichokes, a good way to start your meal at Osteria Bottega [photo alextsui]

How's the food at Osteria Bottega

Browsing Osteria Bottega menu is like watching an old photo album. Lost memories and blurry flavours reappear from their glorious past.

So you start with a mix of cured meat.

Mortadella, of course, the forgotten salame rosa (if you had our Bologna food tour you already know how good it is).

But also culatello of Antica Corte Pallavicina and coppa di testa, homemade by Daniele.

Then you can't miss a primo.
The tagliatelle with Medicina's onion, to remember that Bologna cuisine is simple and rough.

Or Hand-pressed Rigatoni with hand-cut meats and unlaid egg: slightly overcooked like pasta in Bologna always was.

Portions are generous but would you miss the roasted guinea hen?
I wouldn't. It's insanely delicious.

Finish with our Bolognese rice cake, or even better with an almond fiordilatte to photograph and make a postcard.

Osteria Bottega Bologna Rigatoni

Hand-pressed Rigatoni with hand-cut meats and unlaid egg

Why eat at Osteria Bottega

You'll be happy at Osteria Bottega if your mind is open.
Traditional cuisine can be more shocking than molecular one, sometimes.

So don't ask what's inside coppa di testa and why they put pepper on it.
Don't search for the translation of ovarine.
Don't be sorry for the pigeon.

This is how we used to cook in the countryside of Bologna, where our cuisine roots are deep in the ground.

Osteria Bottega offers that cuisine at its best, in an elegant location.

Why don't

Hard to find reasons but let's scratch the surface.

You have alternatives, don't go to Bottega. Try Zenzero instead.

On a diet?
Not the place. Also Bologna is not the greatest destination, actually.

On a budget?
Osteria Bottega, despite the name, is a restaurant. And an expensive one, no lies. Of course you can eat Bolognese in other cheap restaurants in Bologna.

But if you're looking for the best ones, now you have a new name on your list.


Osteria Bottega
Via Santa Caterina, 51, 40123 Bologna
Tel. +39 051 585111

Open Tuesday to Saturday, lunch and dinner

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