Borgo Mameli: A Colorful Oasis of Culinary Delights

Borgo Mameli Bologna

We'll remember summer 2020 for many reasons, not happy mostly. But some flowers grow on the hard stone, and that's what happened at Borgo Mameli.

Borgo Mameli Bologna 1

Vintage furniture, vertical gardens, perfect atmosphere at Borgo Mameli

What is Borgo Mameli

Piazza di Porta San Felice, more a crossroad than a square actually.
In front of the old gate, you find a tall wall hiding a barrack.
Since July 2020 a small door is open.

You are entering Borgo Mameli, an abandoned place now brought back to a new life.

Colored Burano-style walls, vintage cast iron furnishings, vertical gardens, and the feeling to be in a country village.

Like Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita, Borgo Mameli is an example of urban regeneration, where respect for the past meets a look to the future.

Borgo Mameli Bologna Ghisa Cocktail

Ghisa cocktail bar

What to eat at Borgo Mameli

The location is fantastic, but the main reason to visit Borgo Mameli is food.
You have 4 different options:

  • Fuoco Vivo
    The grill is the king of all countryside parties. On the hot flame of Borgo Mameli you see the prime meat of Zivieri (not new if you took our food tour in Bologna), Adriatico sea sardines and seasonal vegetables like friggitelli peppers and aubergine.
  • Convivio
    You can't spend a meal without tagliatelle al ragù? You'll never walk alone. And you can have them here too, well made.
  • Ranzani 13
    Ranzani 13 is a well-known name in Bologna. It's on the top of my list of the best pizza in Bologna and at Borgo Mameli you can taste their gourmet Cantabrica, with burrata zucchini and anchovies, or Happy Pork. A name that speaks for itself.
  • Ghisa
    Looking only for a drink and you want to update the list of the best cocktail bar in Bologna? You have a full container with an original offer.
    Try an Americano Bolognese, with Rosso Antico vermouth and Select, or the craft beers of Statale Nove or Ca del Brado.
Borgo Mameli Bologna

Colored walls make Borgo Mameli a little Burano

Borgo Mameli Bologna Ranzani Pizza

Ranzani 13 pizza and you can't go wrong

The future of Borgo Mameli

The seed is rooted but Borgo Mameli is looking to become a full wood.

Jazz concerts, theatre acts, food talks, even a hostel: Borgo Mameli is here to stay and grow.

And we can only wish good luck to the projects that make Bologna look a better a place.


Borgo Mameli
Piazza di Porta S.Felice 3, 40122 Bologna
Tel. +39 3701512014

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