Bologna's Best Bakeries: A Guide to the Top 5

When I was I child my grandfather used to dunk stale bread in meat broth and eat it like a pasta.
​Actually Bologna's bread is still the same: crunchy and darker outside, soft and white inside.

Spiders and crosses, stand for the most common bread’ shapes, but honestly I'm not mad about the typical ones.

​If you're looking for homemade bread that will last more than one day, wholemeal and selected flours, seeds and sourdough, here's the list of my favourite bakeries of Bologna.

Forno Calzolari

My favourite bread in Bologna is from this bakery originally from Monteveglio, a district set on the top of the hills.

Fortunately you can find all kinds of bread, most with wholemeal flour, inside Mercato di Mezzo or on Saturdays at Mercato Ritrovato farmers market. Try their special bread with rye or Grani Antichi.

Each summer they organize a food walk called Mangirò: a whole day between wheat fields and delicious food prepared by the best chefs of Bologna.
Via Marchesana, 4/B, 40124 Bologna

Hamburger by Max Poggi with Calzolari bread at Mangirò food walk

Panificio Atti

The oldest (1868) bolognese bakery and a must-stop during our Bologna food tours. Try their crescenta, a sort of focaccia with ham or mortadella inside which gives the name to the kind of step that borders Piazza Maggiore.

Taste and take away to your friends a torta di tagliatelle: a cake with a basis of marzipan and on the top some tagliatelle pasta, caramelized with orange juice.
Via Caprarie, 7 - Via Drapperie 6 40124 Bologna
Tel. 051 220425
Torta di tagliatelle at Atti

Forno Brisa

Forno Brisa offers bread and pizza with selected flours like Sicilian tumminia in the stunning Via Galliera.

You can go there for a croissant in the morning, for a slice of pizza with onions and olives, or just for a specialty coffee carefully roasted.

And after that, go in front of it for one of the best gelato in Bologna at Galliera 49. What a great lunch break!
Via Galliera, 34D, 40121 Bologna
Tel. 051 248556
The young staff of Forno Brisa

Molino Urbano

Opened in 2016 in Saragozza area, close to Renato Dall'Ara stadium, it's where I buy my daily bread. No joke, it lasts for a week.

Three different types of sourdough, bread with wholemeal flour and special mix like the one with hemp. They have cookies, focaccia and incredible pizza too.

You can also find a stand of Molino Urbano at Mercato del Novale food market every Sunday morning.

Via XXI Aprile 1945, 25/c Bologna
Tel. 3408787531
Different kind of bread at Molino Urbano, one is also made with hemp

La Spiga Amica (gluten-free)

A bakery for celiacs. Close to Porta San Mamolo you can find gluten-free bread, pizza, fresh egg pasta like tortelloni or tortellini and cakes.
Via Francesco Petrarca, 13, 40136 Bologna
Tel. 800 601 675

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