Zenzero Bistrot: can a vegetarian restaurant be so tasty?

Zenzero Bologna Tempura

Zenzero is a small and friendly restaurant in Bologna that offers a veggie-oriented cuisine, where everything seems in its right place.

The first time I dine at Zenzero? 2006 I guess, just a few months after its opening.
I was just a student with no real earnings and it was so unexpected to find a place with such great quality at a so cheap price.

After that time I went to Zenzero every 4/5 months and it's always a wonderful experience. I also spent there my degree lunch so forgive me if this review is more about heart than the stomach.

Zenzero Bologna Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes at Zenzero, incredibly good

What is Zenzero Bistrot

Zenzero is an organic restaurant located next to Bologna Museo of Modern Art (MamBo). It’s quite small and always full so I suggest you call before move there.
The tables are really close to each other but you’ll still have the chance to talk to your partner without too much noise.

All the products you’ll eat are organic and most of the courses are vegetarian or vegan, but you’ll also find some meat dishes.
Please trust me: don’t be skeptical about vegetarian food, Zenzero is all but a sad veggie restaurant.
Zenzero Bistrot Bologna - Pasta

Buckwheat candy pasta with pecorino cheese

What to order at Zenzero

Start with the classic and light tempura, the best you can eat in Bologna even if you try all the Japanese restaurants.

Or the carasau tortino, always different based on seasonal products available. Then go with the first courses, most of them are handmade pasta or amazing risotto with vegetables and cheese sauce.

Then go on with the second course like tomino cheese, seitan escalope or the grilled tofu, but absolutely don’t miss their delicious roast potatoes!

In the end, try their desserts. The apple crumble is always a warm delight but also the chocolate and pistachio pie deserves a lot.

The wines are local but I always take quinoa beer from Fair Trade Market.

Why eat at Zenzero

Even if you're staying in Bologna for a short time, Zenzero deserves your visit. At lunch, there's a cheap fixed menu for about 12€, and if you try it once, I believe that it won't be the last time.


Zenzero Bistrot
Via Fratelli Rosselli, 16, 40121 Bologna
Tel. +39 051 587 7026

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