We Are Who We Are Episode in Bologna

We are who we are Bologna

The last episode of We Are Who We Are, the TV series by Luca Guadagnino, is almost all set in Bologna.

From Locomotiv Club to Meloncello, let's see all the places that Fraser and Caitlin meet on their night walk in a foggy Bologna.

The post contains SPOILERS.

We are who we are Bologna Locomotiv Blood Orange

Blood Orange concert at Locomotiv Club

Locomotiv Club

Like all the movies by Guadagnino, We Are Who We Are has a killer soundtrack including Radiohead, Prince and David Bowie.

But if there's a song that describes the series, this is Time will tell by Blood Orange.

In the last episode, Fraser and Caitlin get a train so see Blood Orange live at Locomotiv Club in Bologna.

Locomotiv is set in the former railworkers' area in Bolognina neighborhood and it's one of the best indie clubs in Bologna.

We are who we are Bologna Locomotic Club

Fraser outside Locomotiv Club at the end of the concert

We are who we are Bologna Stalingrado Bridge

Caitlin walks on Stalingrando bridge

Stazione Centrale

At the end of the concert, Cate decides to go back alone to Chioggia military base.

She crosses the Stalingrado bridge, full of street art in the background, to arrive at an empty Stazione Centrale train station.

We are who we are Bologna Stazione Centrale

Caitlin at Bologna Stazione Centrale

Finestrella di Via Piella

We are who we are Bologna Via Piella

Fraser and Luca looking inside finestrella di Via Piella

They call it Little Venice.
The city's got 7 secrets, like the 7 deadly sins.

That's how Luca introduces Fraser to the small window on the canal of Via Piella.

Bologna's canals were almost all covered at the end of World War II, but still in a few places you can see the water flowing underground.

The 7 secrets he mentions include the arrows of Corte Isolani and the Archway of Palazzo Podestá, but they are actually a simplistic collection of unusual places.

Arco del Meloncello - San Luca

We are who we are Bologna San Luca 1

Fraser and Caitlin on the way to San Luca

The climax of the full series happens at Meloncello arch, in Via Saragozza.

It's Luca again that brings Fraser there with the intention of rising the steps to San Luca Basilica, "The most fucking beautiful place on Earth".

After these words, Fraser decided that is with Cate that he has to go there. So he walks through the empty streets of Bologna to recover her.

They come back there almost at dawn.
Billi Bar is opening and the light starts to paint the porticoes.

Now the magic can happen.

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