Exploring Modena's Ferrari Movie Locations

Ferrari Movie Modena

Ehi Ferrari fan! I'm sure you've got your ticket for the new Michael Mann movie, as fast as Shummi.

But did you know it was all shot right here in Modena?

Yep, get ready to hit all the spots where the action went down, right in the heart of Ferrari's hometown. Buckle up, 'cause these engines are roaring!

Piazza Grande

This is where the historic race circuit comes alive again, right under the shadows of the Ghirlandina Tower and Modena Cathedral.

But here's the kicker: back in the real racing days, they didn't zoom through these spots. Movie magic, am I right?

And hey, Piazza Grande isn't just the starting line for the race. It's also the kickoff for our Modena food tour.

So, if you're up for mixing good food and fast cars, this is your spot!

Ferrari Movie Modena Piazza

Piazza Grande in Modena

Largo Giuseppe Garibaldi

Enzo Ferrari's private crib used to be right here, and it was one of the flick's first settings.

They've decked out the place with vintage billboards, street swag, and even traffic lights, all to teleport you back to 1950s Modena.

Plus, did you catch a glimpse of Chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana playing doorman at Hotel Canalgrande?

Modern-day Hitchcocks are popping up everywhere, it seems!

Ferrari Movie Modena Set

Vintage billboards for the set

Teatro Comunale Pavarotti-Freni

Remember that scene where Ferrari hits up La Traviata?
Well, they filmed the outside bit at the Storchi Theater in Largo Garibaldi.

But for the real deal, they swung by the Teatro Comunale Pavarotti-Freni.

Oh, and don't forget to snag a selfie with the bronze Pavarotti statue while you're there!

Palazzo Ducale

Fast-forward to the 1957 edition of the 1000 Miglia race, where 3 Ferraris stole the podium.

The Palazzo Ducale in Piazza Roma is where some of the most adrenaline-packed moments in the movie went down.

And guess what? Adam Driver couldn't lay a finger on any real Ferraris on set. His words? "They didn't trust me with anything valuable—maybe just the sandwiches."

But Patrick Dempsey, with his sports driving license, got the green light to handle some replicas. Lucky guy!

Ferrari Movie Modena Train Station

Modena train station

Other locations outside of Modena

Over in Reggio Emilia, they set up Enzo Ferrari's and Laura Garello's pad in a building on Via Emilia San Pietro. Then, there were scenes shot in Viale Tivano.

And let's not forget Imola's Dino and Enzo Ferrari racetrack—yep, they filmed some high-speed action right there.

Oh, and brace yourself for some rainy hillside action between Castelvetro and Maranello. They captured some serious scenes in the pouring rain!

So, rev your engines and hit these spots to relive the magic of Ferrari in Modena.

Who knows, you might just catch a glimpse of a Hollywood star or two living out their Ferrari dreams!

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