My Food Days in Turin, from Breakfast to Dinner

Best Food Turin

Turin. Former Italian capital, the city of chocolate, of the elegant cafes, with a blend of French influence and ties to Southern Italy.

Full of stunning museums and exhibitions, it's usually outside the tourist radar.

That makes it a hidden gem (do they still exist?), perfect for a weekend of great food.

Here's my list to soak up every bit of its charm under the Mole Antonelliana.



This place has a rich history – started as a roastery way back in 1910 in the San Salvario neighbourhood, not far from Torino Porta Nuova train station.

Now it's turned into this cool French-style bistro, but it's held onto its Piedmontese roots, loaded with treats like gianduiotti, zabaione hazelnut biscuits, and Gobino chocolate.

You won't believe the goodies they've got stacked up – tin boxes, glass jars of peaches, rare jams, English biscuits, honey, and loads of chocolatey stuff.

But the real deal in Samambaia?

Those apple fritters sprinkled with sugar.

Let's talk coffee – they're still roasting it here every week.
Sourced from spots all over – Cuba, Guatemala, and even Nepal.

At the counter, they've got this 'Della casa' blend and a bunch of others, all in fancy green and gold packaging.

And yup, you can take these 100% Arabica beans home for your trusty moka.


Via Madama Cristina, 20/C, 10125 Torino
Tel. +39 011 669 8624


Food Turin Pizza Tellia

Pizza at Tellia


Tellia's not your typical pizza spot.
They're breaking all the pizza rules and still killing it. Forget the old norms—here, it's about the vibe. Seats, chill chats, and awesome pizza.

Opened in 2019, Tellia started small, selling pizza by the slice. But now? They've grown to three spots, each with its vibe and hours.
The pizza?
Roman-style, pre-cooked but heated up fresh when you order.

The slices?
Crispy, light, and bursting with flavors. Classics like carbonara and local faves like purple potatoes and gorgonzola, all done right.

And the best part?
It won't empty your wallet. Five slices and a beer for 15 euros.

And if you come during Christmas time leave some space in your bag to bring home one of the best panettone you can have in Italy. Trust me.


Via San Tommaso 27 C 10121 Torino
Tel. +39 011 450 60 32

Via Maria Vittoria 20 10123 Torino
Tel. +39 011 248 17 76

Corso Sebastopoli 241 10136 Torino
Tel. +39 011 242 21 52


Best Food Turin Consorzio

Ravioli at Consorzio


You should be curious about Ristorante Consorzio in Turin.
It's been hyped like crazy for years, with loads of great reviews flooding in.

They stick to Piedmontese tradition hard.
Think raw meat, crispy egg on chard with bacon, and other classics.

Must-try dishes?
Finanziera ravioli is a game-changer, trust me. Then there's the "Fifth Quarter" - fried pig's legs, cow's vagina (yeah, you read that right), cooked uniquely. It's an experience.

Expect to spend at least 60 euros per person, unless you opt for the tasting menu.

The vibe?
Portishead in the background, unique wines, and beers you won't easily find elsewhere.

In each case, it will be your best dinner in Turin (and maybe not only there).


Via Monte di Pietà, 23, 10122 Torino
Tel. +39 011 276 7661

Best Food Turin Magazzino 52

Vitel tonnè at Magazzino 52

Magazzino 52

Magazzino 52, located in the quieter part of Turin's center, is a cozy haven.

As you step in, you're greeted by walls adorned with bottles, creating intimate nooks for tables. There's a plethora of labels to explore, whether you're sipping on-site or selecting something to take home. Their love for wine knows no bounds, especially when it comes to importing from France.

Despite its slightly off-the-beaten-path location, this restaurant boasts dishes that exude simplicity yet harbor a secret—a sophisticated technique that transforms Mediterranean and Piedmontese ingredients into flavorful delights.

Take, for instance, the Tagliolini with rabbit livers, caramelized red onion, and marjoram, or the Amberjack served with green beans, potato cream, and fermented lemon.

The menu is designed for choice, offering a variety of dishes at surprisingly affordable prices given the quality.
You can indulge in two dishes and a dessert for 35 euros, or opt for a more extensive experience with three dishes plus dessert for 47 euros.

Magazzino 52 isn't just a restaurant, it's an oasis.
It's the kind of place that feels like it was custom-made for those seeking a relaxed yet exceptional dining experience.


Via Giovanni Giolitti, 52/A, 10123 Torino
Tel. +39 011 427 1938

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