Da Sandro al Navile: Experience Bologna's Countryside Charm

Da Sandro al Navile Bologna - Tortelloni

Just next to Navile canal, in a typical country court setting stands Da Sandro al Navile Restaurant.

I met this place for the first time a few years ago, my father brought me there. Since that, I've been there a lot of times.

The place is not far from Bologna city centre, but you'd feel like you were in the countryside.

Da Sandro al Navile Bologna - hall

Da Sandro Al Navile restaurant, main hall

What's Sandro al Navile?

Sandro al Navile is a smart but not formal restaurant.

After a neverending appetizer cart, from which you can choose whatever you want, a kind waiter shows you the menu.

Dishes vary depending on seasons, but typically they refer to a revisited Emilian cooking cuisine.

For the first course, you can try the classics of Emilia tradition like tortellini or tagliatelle, really well made.

Or try pasta like ravioli with culatello di Zibello and asparagus tips or strettine with mushrooms and Norcia truffles.

Da Sandro al Navile Bologna - Tortellini

Handmade tortellini, a classic of Bolognese cuisine. Try them with meat broth.

Da Sandro al Navile Bologna - Gelato

Gelato Mantecato with Balsamic Vinegar, prepared at the moment

What you eat

The keyword of Sandro al Navile is the exaltation of simple tastes, typical of true Emilian cuisine (the salacious of aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, the sweet and sour of mustard or balsamic vinegar) without reproducing the classic dishes.

Don't miss the desserts: try Gelato Martecato with Balsamic vinegar of Modena, prepared at the moment at your table, you won't forgive it.

Take your time to read the long wine list with local gems hard to find elsewhere.

Why eat there

Da Sandro al Navile is a place only locals know.
It's not easy to reach and it's the classic place to have the large, long, heavy Sunday lunch with friends or family.

Everything is well made, and their tortellini is one of the best I've tried in Bologna.

Why not

You need a car to get there, or a long long walk from Bologna city centre.

I'd suggest the second alternative, so you have the time to walk off your lunch (don't go there if you're o a diet or you're vegetarian).


Da Sandro Al Navile
Address: Via del Sostegno, 15, 40131 Bologna
Tel. +39 051 634 3100

[photos courtesy of NiKoboi]

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