Parking in Bologna: Where to park your car and not get a ticket

Are you coming to Bologna by car?
Greta won't love you, but if you park in the right place without wandering around and getting a ticket, we can make her happier.

​Here are my suggestions to park in Bologna and avoid tickets in the relentless ZTL (traffic limited zone).

The Traffic Limited Zone (Ztl): if you know it, you avoid it

There's an area in Bologna that you mustn't cross: it's the ZTL.
​It's a limited area that covers almost the whole city inside the old walls and it's forbidden to non-residents from 7am to 8pm.
It's important to know in advance where the area begins, because the road signs aren't clear and well visible.

​My suggestion is to never enter the walls of Bologna with your car: you will get crazy to find parking and you can easily go to a street that is forbidden.

There are better solutions, not expensive, that I will share next.

The entrance of the multilevel garage of Bologna new train station

So, where do I park my car in Bologna?

Let's say it loud and clear: in Bologna there is no free parking.
Whatever you leave your car in a garage or in public parking, you have to pay.

Here are the different options:
- Public parking in Bologna
You have to look for the blue lines.
If you find it white, you're not lucky, you're inside a resident zone and your car will be removed.
Even worse with yellow lines that are for buses, taxi or people with disabilities.

The blue lines have different prices and time ranges according to the area where you are. Nothing cheaper than 1,5€/hour.

​Also you need coins to pay in the red machine, hopefully working.
Piazza VIII in Bologna: a central multilevel parking
- Garage in Bologna
This is the best option to park your car and safely enjoy your time in Bologna.

There are many garages in good locations to visit the city center or get to Piazza Maggiore, where our Bologna food tours start:

- Garage Autostazione
Close to the train station, it's easy to reach without risks of a ticket.

15 minutes walking to Piazza Maggiore.
Piazza XX Settembre, 6 - 40121 Bologna (BO)
Price: 18€/day (every day but Saturday), 2,2€/hour.

- Nuovo Parcheggio Stazione
Just next to the new train station, it's a multilevel parking lot with 800 spots. Good if you need to get the train, but in an area with lots of cheaper blue lines.

25 minutes walking to Piazza Maggiore.
Via Fioravanti, 4 - 40129 Bologna (BO)
Price: 13€/day, 2€/hour.

- Parcheggio VIII Agosto
It's an underground multilevel parking lot in a very central location. Not cheap but it's worth it. Be careful to arrive at it only from Via Irnerio, otherwise you're surely getting a ticket.

10 minutes walking to Piazza Maggiore.
Piazza VIII Agosto, 40126 Bologna BO
Price: 20€/day, 2,6€/hour.

- Parcheggio Tanari
One of the best options. It's huge and free if you leave the car there and get the bus to arrive at the center.

30 minutes with bus+walk to Piazza Maggiore.
Via Tanari, 17 - 40131 Bologna (BO)
Price: 5€/day, 0,6€/hour or free if you buy a 1,50€ bus ticket.

- Parcheggio Ex-Staveco
​In the southern part of Bologna, perfect to visit Giardini Margherita park.

15 min walking to Piazza Maggiore
Viale Panzacchi, 10 - 40136 Bologna (BO)
Price: 12€/day, 2€/hour.

Your car is safe, now it's your turn to get the best from Bologna

Ok, so with this post I helped you to save a lot of time and money.

No need to thank me :)

But if you'd like to eat only authentic local food without wasting time (and meals) on trial-and-error, our Bologna food tours will do for you.

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[photos: Roberto Taddeo]

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