The Best Map to Taste Bologna

I'm so proud to show you a new gift created in collaboration with Riccardo Pagliani.

It's a map of Bologna, but a different one. Find out why and how to get it.
Why another map of Bologna?
There are a lot of maps of Bologna you can find in hotels, restaurants, etc. so why I decided to make another one?

First of all this map is different. You won't find all the streets of Bologna (there's Google Maps for that) but just the most important and the ones that have something I'd like to recommend.

My idea was to create a map that could be both helpful to enjoy Bologna and know exactly what to do and see, but also a nice souvenir to look at and bring home to your friends.

​So Riccardo decided to redesign all the most famous monuments, churches, and icons of Bologna with his unique style. Such a great work of art!
How it is
In the map, you find 5 colours indicating:

- What to see: my landmarks of Bologna, the must-seen places to visit in a weekend
- Bologna's gates: all the gates that fenced Bologna in middle age, to know where you are
- How to move: train and bus station
- Green area: parks and green areas to relax in the summer
- Streets of food: these areas have food markets, restaurants, shops or pubs with unique food and are described on the internal page of the map

It's a 100% not commercial map: none paid to be on it and they are just my real suggestions to spend a great time in the city I love.
How to have it
You have a few options:

- Join one of our Bologna food tour and your guide will give you the map

- I've sent it to the subscribers of our newsletter in May 2017's. Maybe in the future I'll send it again with other gifts

- Walk around Bologna and look for the sticker 'Recommended by Taste Bologna'. Those places will have a few copies of the map
Your opinion
I'd really like to know what you think about this work, our new brand. All your feedback matters!

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  • Paula Dalin

    Dear reciever

    I've signed up for your newsletter to get the culinary map of Bologna but could only access to the Modena map. I would be so greatful if you could send me the digital version of the Bologna map.

    Best regards


  • Angelica

    I subscribed to the newsletter also and did not see the link to download the Bologna map.

  • Andrea

    Hi Angelica,

    The map had been sent on May 2017 Newsletter.

    If you subscribe now you get the PDF guide about Modena's food