Bar Senza Nome: without a name but with a soul

One of the most beautiful love song I know says that words are futile devices.
At Bar Senza Nome you'll probably find out how true is that sentence.

​Founded in 2012 by Sara and Alfonso, Bar Senza Nome in Bologna is the first and only bar in Italy owned and managed by deaf guys.
The counter of Bar Senza Nome

A different kind of Bar

Once you've entered Bar Senza Nome, literally without a name, you'll discover again how many different ways we have to communicate (and I don't mean Facebook or WhatsApp).

To order in fact you can pick some small tickets with your choices and give them to the bartender, you can have your lips read or with the help of some photos on the walls you can try to use LIS, Italian language of signs.

​No matter which method you'll choose: you'll always find a way to get your drink.
At Bar Senza Nome you can get a good selection of draught beer
Postcards on the wall of Bar Senza Nome

Bar without a name, but with a soul

Bar Senza Nome is set in Via Belvedere, just behind Mercato delle Erbe, in one of the new and most exciting streets of Bologna.

Inside you can find photos and painting exhibitions, concerts, DJ sets, book presentations and yoga classes, but it's always nice just to go there for a craft beer or a glass of wine. Ask for La Muraglia red wine, produced in a farm on Tuscany hills run by a family who helps deaf people.

So if you're looking for a place where to spend a nice aperitivo with friends or just have a beer in the city centre, it should be one of your first choices.
A piece of cake after dinner?


Bar Senza Nome
Via Belvedere, 11, 40121 Bologna
Tel. 340 369 7708
Open Monday to Saturday 10am - 1.5am, Sunday 10am - 11pm
Facebook page

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