Delivering Deliciousness: Bologna's Top Takeaways

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I'm not a huge fan of takeaway or delivery, partially because I love cooking and also because in Italy it's usually synonymous with junk or low-quality food.

But sometimes that's not true and you can find a few great places in Bologna to bring home a great dinner.
These are my best choices.


Opened just a week ago, it's the first "ethical pizza" in town: all the ingredients are taken from the mafia's confiscated lands or from companies that are fighting against the clans.

It's not only ethical but also a real Neapolitan pizza, one of the best I've tried in Bologna.

Margherita 4€ plus delivery.

Via Enrico Mattei, 22, 40138
Tel. +39 051 530128

O' Fiore Mio
One of the best pizza of Bologna and a stop during our Bologna sunset tour, also delivers pizza in the city centre.
We call their pizza "Roman style": crispy at the bottom and soft inside. Cut in square and served.
You can find a lot of different toppings, my favorite? Smashing Pumpkins with gorgonzola, pumpkin and pancetta.

Piazza Malpighi, 8, 40123
Tel. +39 051 040 2308

Classic takeaway pizza under Via Saragozza portico. The location is small but cosy, with movie posters on the walls. Pizza is thinner than the other but easy to digest. They also sell local craft beer of Vecchia Orsa.
Margherita 4€ plus delivery.

Via Saragozza, 87, 40135
Tel. +39 051 644 6982

Ethnic food

Peruvian recipe chicken: first marinated and then cooked in the oven and served with aji amarillo pepper sauce and rice. They also have Peruvian beers.
8€ for chicken, rice, vegetables and sauces

Via di Corticella, 86, 40128
Tel. 051 041 8903
Category: chicken

My favourite Greek restaurant in town also offers takeaway (or home delivery with Mymenu). Pita, meat stews with artichokes and olives or with ouzo, octopus with chickpea, or a simple Greek salad.

Via Zaccherini Alvisi, 19, 40138
Tel. 051 245734
Category: greek

The restaurant itself is too modern and noisy, so it's perfect to get home-delivery sushi from Zushi. Different qualities of well-made maki, sushi and sashimi.
Minimum order 15€ for lunch, 30€ for dinner plus 3€ delivery.

Viale Pietramellara, 4, 40131
Tel. +39 051 649 3719
Category: sushi

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