Sfoglia Rina: The perfect lunch break in Bologna

A small and cozy small place opened in Bologna, just under the 2 towers, to make boring lunch breaks a dream: it’s called Sfoglia Rina.
It was created by Rina (of course...) in 1963 as a fresh pasta shop, but only 40 years later his grandson Lorenzo decided to rethink the traditional fresh pasta laboratory as a bakery with restaurant.
A typical Ciambella cake

Take away or eat inside?

Are you sleeping in one of the best Airbnb in Bologna and would like to take home and cook fresh pasta?
Avoid the long queue outside Sfoglia Rina and go straight to the counter to order your tortelloni.

Instead if you're looking for a delicious lunch break then go to the main room for the restaurant service.

The menu, handwritten on a blackboard, changes weekly and it’s divided between Emilia Romagna traditional dishes and more refined plates based on seasonal products.
You can choose some of the most famous Bologna pasta like tortellini (with broth or with a mascarpone cheese cream), lasagne or tigelle with charcuterie, all perfectly made.

I usually pick from the weekly menu so in this Autumn you have the chance to try fettuccine with porcini mushrooms, chestnut gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese, nuts and orange zests or tortelloni pumpkin and bacon.
Tortelloni with bufala cheese

A cheap break in the center

All the pasta dishes cost from 8 to 9€ and are served with a small bread and a vegetable side dish different every day.
Don’t forget the desserts (3€): panna cotta, ricotta cake with figs or the delicious biscuits served with a glass of Malvasia wine. The coffee is made with moka.

You will spend 10-12 euro with dessert, with no charge for water and cover.
​Booking is highly recommended.


Sfoglia Rina
Via Castiglione, 5/b, 40124 Bologna BO
Tel. 051 991 1710
[photos courtesy of Stellina Sweets]

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  • Franca

    The chestnut gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese, nuts and orange zest look delicious!

  • Taste Bologna

    They are indeed!