What to get at Bologna's French Market

Every year in December, the elegant Piazza Minghetti in Bologna hosts a French food market. Cheese, chocolate, wine and a Christmas atmosphere in the air.

Nothing like the best food markets of Bologna like Mercato delle Erbe or Quadrilatero. But still a good place for foodies looking for presents.
Brie de Meaux Cheese

How is Bologna French Market

Bologna's French market is an outdoor seasonal fair similar to the northern Christmas markets. It's quite different than traditional
It's open since 10 a.m. and if you're tired of cappuccino and brioches you can have breakfast there with pain au chocolate, baguettes and butter cookies.

It's also perfect for a short luxury aperitivo with oysters and champagne or for simple Bologna street food.

You can find French specialties like Rougail, with smoked sausages, onions, ginger, peppers and Provence's herbs, or Bourguignon, with beef, red wine, bacon and a mix of spices.
Moutarde de Dijon

What to buy

The cheese: Brie de Meaux, goat Crottins, Camembert or the orange Mimolette are perfect cheeses for people who love strong flavours.

I still have to find a cheese I don't love so I'm kind of out of the game, but the quality there is very high. ​
If for chocolate I usually prefer to stay in Italy, like with Modica chocolate, or why not in Bologna with Cremino FIAT by Majani, french pâtées (like the very famous fois gras) and Dijon mustards are products difficult to find any comparisons here in Italy.
French Chocolate Mignons
Different types of onions and shallots

Is it worth a visit?

Let's be honest. French cuisine and this market are far away from Bologna Christmas food traditions and you will also find there bijoux, scarves and other things which have nothing to do with France.

That said, I'm really happy to find something different and from a different culture in this period.
My proposal for next year? Turkish Market.
I'm joking (if you know me, you know I'm not) but anyway long life to this new tradition.
Oysters, Prawns and Champagne if you'd like to have an aperitivo deluxe


Mercatino Francese - French Market
Where: Piazza Minghetti
When: Nov. 23rd to Dec. 22nd 2019 from 10 am to 10 pm

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