Where to Drink the Best Beer in Bologna

Beer Bologna birreria popolare

There are plenty of things you can do in Bologna at night, like going to the theatre or to a live concert, but what's better than hanging out with friends for a scummy delicious craft beer?

Pubs, restaurants, osterie are everywhere, but most of the time they don't pay attention to the quality of the beers served.

Fortunately, there are a few places where hops are still sacred.

Here's my list of the best brewpubs in Bologna.

Beer in Bologna - Birra Cerqua microbrewery

What's Birra Artigianale?

You can call a beer artigianale, crafted, only if respect some rules.

It must be unfiltered, unpasteurized, and produced by a brewery that makes less than 170.000 barrels of beer per year.

Of course, it tastes very different from industrial ones, and you might not be a beer expert, but a sip is enough to understand the difference.

Which are the best brewpubs in Bologna?

Start your beer journey inside Mercato di Mezzo food market.
Between the street food stalls you find the taps of Baladin, the first Italian craft beer. Founded in 1986 near Cuneo by Teo Musso, now it's a big company but still with the same quality.

Birra Cerqua is a microbrewery in Via Broccaindosso. There you can drink their craft beer on tap and see how beer is made. A few tables outside in summer made this place a must-try if you love beer.

In the heart of Univerisity are you find Lortica, a great place to taste craft beers as well as a good selection of organic wines and food.
The beer selection isn’t huge, mostly Italian micro’s on tap like the awarded Birra del Ducato, Vecchia Orsa or Retorto, but I recommend it for the friendly atmosphere.
Lortica brew pub in Bologna

Lortica in Via Mascarella, while stapling a Vecchia Orsa Incipit Weisse

Tired after a day of strolling around towers and porticoes?
Birreria Popolare offers perfect restoration a few steps from the 2 towers.
Nice atmosphere inside, romantic location in the yard outdoor. And good beers of course.

Via del Pratello is the street where you want to be if you like a good beer.
At Beer for Bunnies you find a gentle girl serving Italian craft beers on tap or in the bottle.

Il Punto
is an oasis of quality drink near Via del Pratello nightlife. Sit there, relax and ask for suggestions amongst the huge list of beers including local gems like Ca del Brado.
If you'd like to dig deep inside the Italian craft beers world they also offer tasting courses.

Amadeus Pub is set outside the city centre but is well worth the extra mile.
Here you can find a good and various selection of beers from Italy and all over the world. The place is big but it could be pretty crowded during some evening (if the Bologna football club is playing it could be packed).

Beerichino is a little and cozy place where you can taste the best selection of local beers with km 0 snacks.

In early 2023 Vecchia Orsa found its place in Via delle Molice.
You can drink all of their 12 amazing beer and support its social project in Bologna University area.

Birrai Eretici Beer Festival Bologna

Birrai Eretici Beer Festival in Bologna

Festa della Birra: the Craft Beer Festivals you want to join

If you're looking for food festivals in Bologna to remember, Festa della Birra could be the right place (unless you drink too much to forget you've been there).

Join the MicroBo Beer Festival in September to see who will be the winner of the homebrewers contest.

But my favorite one is Birrai Eretici, in late spring.
You'll find heretical brewmasters to pair with some of the best pizza in Bologna and street food specialists like Ciao Kebab or Tito Sport.

Last but not least, Microbo Beer Festival would be the perfect pit stop after you've walked up to San Luca Basilica. They also organize guided tastings for real beer addicts!


Birreria Popolare
Via dal Luzzo, 4a, 40125 Bologna
Tel. 348 035 4453

Astral Beer
Via Castiglione, 13/B, 40124 Bologna
Tel. 051 087 7855

Il Punto
Via S. Rocco, 1, 40122 Bologna
Tel. 051 649 2895

Birra Cerqua
Via Broccaindosso, 5, 40125 Bologna,
Tel. 051 028 6107

Via Mascarella 26, 40126 Bologna
Tel. 051 587 6455

Amadeus Pub
Via G. Dagnini, 1 40137 Bologna
Tel. 051 623 4011

Via Clavature, 12, 40124 Bologna
Tel. 051 232919

Beer for Bunnies
Piazza S. Francesco 11a, 40122 Bologna
Tel. +39 339 197 4346

Via Pietralata 49/A 40122 Bologna
Tel. 349 369 9732

Vecchia Orsa
Via delle Moline 10/a Bologna
Tel. +39 329 108 1797

Beer or Pignoletto?

So now I've told you where to get the best beer in Bologna.

But what about wine?
Are you ordering prosecco in Bologna?

Check our brand new Bologna wine tasting where our sommeliers Davide and Lorenzo will make you taste the real wine of Bologna.

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