Bologna under the snow (pt.2)

Bologna snow 2015 - Towers
Last Friday was a kind of a snow day in Bologna. I mean nothing compared to the 'big snow' of 2012 (see how was Bologna under the snow that time), but still enough to leave the car in the parking and walk around with my camera to take a few photos.
These are a few shots I took during the afternoon, walking around the city centre from Via Saragozza to Piazza Maggiore.
I hope you like them.
Bologna snow 2015 - Portico
'Is it snowing?' Don't worry the Bar is warm
Bologna snow 2015 - Bikes
Not a day to ride, definitely
Bologna snow 2015 - Banner
Old cobbler banner near Santa Maria della Vita
Bologna snow 2015 - Porticoes
Reflections under the portico of Via Saragozza
Bologna snow 2015 - Shovel
An 'eclectic' shovel man
Bologna snow 2015 - Piazza Maggiore
Piazza Maggiore under the snow

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