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Via Saragozza Bologna
This new section is dedicated to the 'streets of taste' in Bologna, a journey through the gastronomic roads of Bologna. We’ll talk not only about restaurants and taverns but also ice cream, bakeries and everything that makes a street 'tasty'.

This journey begins from a street to which I am closely bounded: Via Saragozza. During five years of university, I've been able to know it, hate it, and then fall in love with it.

It’s a double-sided road: inside Porta Saragozza the classic warm colored houses accompany you to the center in a disorderly manner, including irregular arcades and narrow streets that branch off. Outside Porta instead, the long walk that leads to San Luca Basilica begins an infinite and regular portico, consisting of perfect geometries and below which are hidden gastronomic gems and traditional bars, where the old men still argue about football and play cards.
It's a street that I deeply love and that I never get tired of walking, with its beauty and its problems (unfortunately the arcades are filled with awful graffiti), so my advice to the “slow travelers” that will spend a few days in Bologna is to put it on the travel plan and maybe follow these suggestions.
Sorbetteria Saragozza
Sorbetteria Saragozza
Via Saragozza, 83

Recently born brother of the most famous 'Sorbetteria Castiglione' is considered one of the best ice cream in town (take a look at Tripadvisor reviews of Sorbetteria Castiglione if you don't trust me). Winner of many awards and with some flavours patented is perfect for creams and chocolate. If you prefer fruit or light ice cream skip to the next, this is a place for delicacies
Gelateria Islanda ice cream
Gelateria Islanda
Gelateria Islanda
Via Saragozza, 65

For me it's one of the best gelato in Bologna, you know it. This small place looks like one of the hundreds ice cream shops of the Bologna but it's a lot more than that.
Daily flavours (did I mention beer?), seasonal fruits, homemade ghiaccioli and lots more make Gelateria Islanda one of my obligatory stop in Via Saragozza.
Trattoria Meloncello
Trattoria Meloncello
Via Saragozza, 240/A

Just in front of Meloncello arc, at the bottom of San Luca hill you'll find this traditional tavern. Handmade pasta, simple plates and generous quantity with the typical price of Bologna (in the city centre a plate of tortellini with less the 10€ sounds really weird). Tortelloni burro e salvia, tortellini and tagliatelle are my suggested choises. Do I seem like a pasta guy?!
All'Osteria Bottega
Via Santa Caterina, 51

Yes I know, I'm cheating. It's not Via Saragozza but it's just 200m from it (and it's my blog so I make the rules...). This is one of the best traditional restaurants in Bologna. There's nothing else to say.
If you're lucky enough to find a table (the place is really small) you will taste one of the best tagliatelle al ragù of the city center, as well as tortellini, passatelli and all the most traditional dished made at their perfection. Ah, don't miss the rice cake for dessert!

Pasticceria Neri
Pasticceria Neri
Pasticceria Neri
Via Saragozza, 81

When I studied engineering this was one of my favourite stops after an exam. Great breakfast, with sweet and salty croissant as well as all the most traditional Bologna desserts. Just next door you can find Neri bakery, where you can buy fresh bread and our delightful crescenta (a sort of focaccia with pork rind). In summer you'll find some tables under the arcades and even if you're next to a street it is nice to have a cappuccino there. I also recommend the aperitivo (from 6pm).
Flò fiori
Flò Fiori
Via Saragozza, 29

I know, it's not food but if you pass next to Flò you can't skip their showcase. You'll be flooded by colours and fragrances but not as you can expect from 99% of the flower shops: Flò is a really romantic shop where everything is in its right place. You'll find there the most beautiful vases, cups and compositions of Bologna so if you want to surprise your partner with a bouquet this is the place you're looking for.

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