4 exhibitions you can't miss in the next months [Feb.2018]

A legend of street art meets an ex-teacher with the passion for vintage during Russian October revolution.
​No, I'm not crazy. I've just visited 3 amazing art exhibitions in Bologna. You still have a few time to follow my steps.

Keith Haring: party of life @Pinacoteca Nazionale

Before Banksy, after Warhol. Keith Haring and his unique line is a myth that continues to be celebrated in every corner of the planet.

Since January 30th, the National Art Gallery of Bologna hosts 60 works by the American artist from public and private collections.

The exhibition focuses on the last years of Haring, from 1985 onwards, in which his line becomes harsher, determined and violent as his disease progresses.
A series of works with intense and gloomy tones, fundamental for understanding the contribution of the artist to contemporary visual culture.

Since you're there, why not have a cup of tea with Carracci brothers, Giotto and Raffaello at Pinacoteca?
Pinacoteca di Bologna
Via delle Belle Arti, 56, 40126 Bologna

Opening time: 11am - 7pm
Until February 25th, 2018


Tel. 051 420 9406​

Tra Futurismo e Decò @Freak Andò

Can a shop be a piece of art? Gavina's showroom in Bologna is an answer but isn't the only example.
Maurizio Marzadori worked as a teacher for 30 years after deciding to follow his passion and open Freak Andò: a hidden vintage shop inside a cloister in Via delle Moline.
The mystical charm of the place would already deserve a visit. But is Maurizio's collection that makes it unique and got the attention of MoMa in New York.

The exhibition Tra futurismo e Decò shows Italian artistic renewal from 1920s to 1950s. But it's not about paintings or statues.
Chairs, tin boxes, radios, wooden toys, cups and teapots, mirrors and cutlery: objects of daily use that are also real works of art.

Among the best pieces, a red statue of Pegasus created by Giovanni Gariboldi for Richard Ginori (1933), and a futurist box made of different woods by Fortunato Depero.

Like pinball museum, Freak Andò is another hidden corner of culture between the streets of Bologna to carefully look for.
Freak Andò
Via delle Moline, 14

Opening time: Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 1pm, 3pm - 8pm
Until April 30th, 2018

Free entrance

Tel. 051 271404

Revolutija @MAMbo

If story is a circle, like philosopher Vico said, we don't have to forget what happened in Russia in January 1905.

More than 100,000 workers on the streets of St. Petersburg asked Tsar Nicholas II for freedom, civil rights and minimum wage.
The answer was fire on the front lines and the beginning of a new political and artistic phase.

An exhibition in MAMBo - Museum of Modern arts of Bologna retraces the years that brought to October Revolution through the eyes of the artists who observed, celebrated or rejected it.
From the initial euphoria of Ilija Repin's paintings to the impossible ideals of Malevič, up to the ending ideological bunker of Pavel Filonov, the forgotten genius.

Revolutija is a way to impress in your eyes an era that we usually skip at school. Don't miss it.
MAMbo Museum of Modern Art of Bologna
​Via Don Giovanni Minzoni, 14, 40121 Bologna

Opening time: Mon – Fri 8.30am - 6pm, Sat 9am - 1pm
Until May 13th, 2018


​Tel. +39 0517168808

Giappone, Storie di amore e guerra @Palazzo Albergati

Geisha and samurai, beautiful women and legendary heroes, kabuki actors, fantastic animals, visionary worlds and bizarre landscapes are the protagonists of Giappone. Storie di amore e guerra. (Japan. Stories of love and war).

Inside the beautiful Palazzo Albergati, that worth a visit just for its painted ceilings, you can walk between the most famous artists of Japanese art like Hiroshige, Utamaro, Hokusai.
Palazzo Albergati
​Via Saragozza 28, 40123 Bologna

Opening time: 10am - 8pm
Until September 9th, 2018



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