Bologna On the Road

One of the things I love most about Bologna is walking around without destination, just discovering new details, new streets, new squares. So when my photography addicted friend Andrea asked me to join him for a street photography workshop it seemed to be a great opportunity to frame some of those moments with a camera.
With the help of the professional street photographer Giulio di Meo, we had the chance to learn how to capture small and daily moments that represent Bologna. Street artists, old women, artisans, children, lovers. All of them (as the new logo of Bologna tries to tell) ARE Bologna.

The video above, called 'Bologna On the Road', is the final result of the Workshop and below you can find some photos outtakes that I made.
Bologna street photography
Bologna street photography
Bologna street photography
Bologna on the Road
Street Photography Workshop with Giulio Di Meo

Federica Balzano
Matteo Bolner
Andrea Chierici
Francesco Di Clemente
Andrea Forni
Simone Frignani
Francesca Gattuso
Danila Giuffredi
Luca Monaco
Patrizia Neri
Luca Piazzi
Lorenzo Pierini
Cristian Sandri
Juan Francisco Setticasi
Vincenzo Stracca
Barbara Vecchi
Emanuele Vesentini
Roberta Zappala

Robin Grey - These Days
Kurt Vile - Freeway

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