Cioccoshow 2013 - A short guide

Photo of pralines from Cioccoshow 2013
Since 2005 November in Bologna means Cioccoshow, the chocolate exposition that takes place in Piazza Maggiore and Via degli Orefici for five days. This is the 9th edition of the fair and will last until Sunday 17 November so if you're in town this post will give you a little help to choose the best from those stands.
Photo of Sorbetteria Castiglione Stand at Cioccoshow 2013
Sorbetteria Castiglione Stand at Cioccoshow 2013
I still remember the first edition of Cioccoshow: the stands occupied only the Crescentone in Piazza Maggiore and that November we had already checked out scarves and gloves of the closet. I was a college student just engaged with my girlfriend, and the prices of chocolate frightened me a lot, so the choices had to be very careful. A couple of ginger pralines and a bit of warm with an hot chocolate from Rizzati to share. So many tastings and a lot of curiosity.

Nine years later a lot of things have changed. I still wander through the stands, alone this time (she moved to Milan) in a rainy evening. Curiosity is not the same, but now I better know the few products that deserve the efforts: reflex camera, screws and bolts, shoes, cds all made by chocolate do not surprise me anymore and are better for the sight than the taste.
Photo of chocolate tools from Cioccoshow 2013
Chocolate tools from Cioccoshow 2013
Photo of Tortapistocchi from Ciocchoshow 2013
TortaPistocchi at Cioccoshow 2013
But I still stop between the excellences of the fair. The amazing Torta Pistocchi, from Florence, is a cake made with prime choice ingredients like natural vanilla, Italian hazelnut, no artificial aromas or preservatives. Or the hot chocolate from Sorbetteria Castiglione, just out of our top five ice cream in Bologna but still a very good one.
I’ll also give a chance to carrube Modica chocolate from Karrua even if my favourite Modica chocolate will always be the one from Antica Dolceria Bonajuto.

It’s a pity that some of the best chocolate producers of Bologna, like Roccati and Majani, missed this fair but you can still visit their amazing shops: the first one, in via Clavature 17, seems like a Paris jewelry. Majani shop, in Via De Carbonesi 5, is a really old and traditional shop with wood made furniture.

So my suggestion is to walk around, take some photos of the funny chocolate creations but don't be fooled by appearance. But above all, to enjoy the spirit of the fair, share it with the one you love.
Photo of Cremino Majani
Cremino Majani, photo by Shunsuke Kobayashi

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  • Emily


    I just wanted to say, I love your blog! I'm American, but I'll be studying abroad in Bologna for a year starting in August. Your blog has been a great place to discover different restaurants and things to do. And I can't wait for this coming Cioccoshow =]

  • Taste Bologna

    Hi Emily,

    I'm glad that you've chosen my city for your studies! I hope you can follow my suggestions and of course if you need any tips about everything...well, just ask!


  • Emily


    Thanks for getting back to me =]. Not sure if you have posted about this, but I would love if you could make a guide, or give me suggestions, to some awesome vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Bologna!

  • Taste Bologna

    Sure, sounds like a new post to write!

    One place that i reccomend for veggie (but not only for them) is Zenzero Bistrot. Read my review here:

  • Emily

    Thank you! That looks like a delicious restaurant =].