Accademia dei Notturni

Accademia dei Notturni
Bagnarola is small place in Bologna countryside which I can bet you have never heard about. Imagine a street with a couple of bends, that's it. If you drive fast you won't even notice what's there between those bends and that's a real pity.
Between the XVI and the XVIII centuries, Bagnarola (who takes is name from 'Balnearola', place for the baths) was a rich town chosen by nobles and aristocrats like Bentivoglio, Malvezzi-Campeggi and Ranuzzi-Cospi for their 'Ville'.

The beauty of these villas made ​​that Bagnarola was renamed 'Bolognese Versailles'. Maybe that name is a little bit exaggerated but you can make an idea of the place with my photos.
Accademia dei Notturni
One of those villas is Villa Ranuzzi-Cospi, created around 1600 by Marquise Ferdinando Cospi. A few years later, Prospero Ranuzzi Cospi established the so-called 'Accademia dei Notturni', a sort of intellectuality center where rides, concerts, hunting, theatrical performances and symposiums took place.

After three centuries, Accademia dei Notturni is still alive. It's a place for ceremonies and events, it's a restaurant where you can taste the classics of Bolognese cuisine and it's also a food shop, to get wines, cheeses etc. (now it's owned by Tamburini, the very popular 'salsamenteria' inside Bologna Mercato di Mezzo).

I've never had dinner there so I can't tell you about the quality of the restaurant, but last weekend I had the chance to visit the Villa for 'Affettasi', a food event which gathered about 20 local producers of Emilia Romagna.

I think the photos below speak by themselves...
Accademia dei Notturni - Fossa dell
Local cheeses by Fossa dell'Abbondanza
Accademia dei Notturni - Salami La Piola
Salami by La Piola
Accademia dei Notturni - Ham Il Sentiero del Gusto
Ham by Il Sentiero del Gusto
Accademia dei Notturni - Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
Accademia dei Notturni - Giardiniera
Giardiniera bolognese
Accademia dei Notturni - Panino con Mortadella Villani
Panino with Mortadella (Bologna) Villani
Accademia dei Notturni
Via Armiggia 42, 40050 Bagnarola - Bologna
Tel. 051-6927122
Open every night except on Mondays.
Lunch is available for groups with prior reservation.

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